Everyone’s JAW DROPPED After Pres Trump REVEALED Emotional Secret

Image Source: LSN Video Screen Shot

In a rare moment caught on camera, President Trump revealed something to the press that will melt your heart.

It’s not everyday that you hear something like this, mainly because the mainstream media hides it. (VIDEO BELOW)

While President Trump was on the trail campaigning, a campaign volunteer for Trump ran into some difficulty.

Shane Bouvet is a huge Trump supporter and was given the chance to attend the Inauguration eve concert with front row tickets.

Shane said he received a call prior to the Inauguration from a Trump staffer saying the president-elect had read an article about him in The Washington Post and was inspired by his story.

While at the concert, Bouvet was escorted by a Secret Service member to meet the president. He called his father, and Trump got on the phone to speak to his dad. (VIDEO BELOW)

Generous Pres-Elect Trump then wrote Shane a check for $10,000 for his father’s chemotherapy treatments.

Shane then turned around and donated the full amount to his fathers hospital treatment, saving his fathers life.

In the video below, President Trump reveals to the Press he gave $10,000 to Shane to save his father. (VIDEO BELOW)

Shane’s father got to meet President Trump, and while holding back his tears he thanked him in person for saving his life.

Watch this heartwarming moment below:

The mainstream media won’t show you this. They don’t let the good stories out showing how big President Trump’s heart is. 

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2 Comments on "Everyone’s JAW DROPPED After Pres Trump REVEALED Emotional Secret"

  1. Beverly Turner | February 11, 2018 at 3:34 pm |

    Great to see a positive Trump story. Wouldn’t you believe if he did this once that there are lots of other stories of care and compassion that we never get to hear. Of course there are!!!

  2. Paula Allison | February 11, 2018 at 6:57 pm |

    I truly love President Trump. He has a huge heart. I’m very happy for Shane & his Dad. Prayers for them. Thank you so much Mr. President for how you sincerely love our country & the people. God bless

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