JUST IN: President Trump Hurts Adam Schiff’s Feelings Big League

Donald Trump and Adam Schiff via BookTour.tips, Screen Grab and USA for Trump

Just as the Democrats thought they had “kinged” Trump in a good game of checkers, President Trump “check mated” the Democrat memo! The Democrat memo was issued in a rush after the Nunes and Grassley memos were released! You see, the Democrats are playing checkers, while President Trump plays chess!

After the Committee unanimously voted to release the Democratic memo to the White House last Friday, the White House had five days to either release it or not. The Democrats thought it was a good plan to put a bunch of National Secrets in the memo to force the President Trump to not release it or redact it.

Then they could use ‘circular reporting’ and the mainstream media to scream that the President is hiding something! Or that he doesn’t want something known. Or that he would be forced to release National secrets! Their old crafty ways, however, wear on the American people who are tired of the game playing!

The Democrats even released their memo on a Friday, knowing it was a slow news day so that five working days later would also be a Friday. Then they could scream that he released it on a Friday because it’s a slow news day! There is no end to the Democrats and their constant deceptions. It really just gets old.

Just as the Democrats thought they’d won the game of musical memos. THIS happens!

Chief White House correspondent, John Roberts, reported on the Democrat shenanigans days ago. Mainly because the Democrats couldn’t just hold their tongues about it! Loose lips really do sink “Schiffs”!

“A source who has read the Democratic memo says that it is filled with sources and methods that would likely need redacting or because to not allow the memo’s release.”

Additionally, never one to hold back the TRUTH from the American people, President Trump mentioned the memo in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was there giving a speech on Tax Reform at Sheffer Corporation! This is what President Trump said!

“Oh! But did we catch them in the act or what? Did we catch them in the act? They are very embarrassed. They never thought they were going to get caught. But we caught them!”

Watch the video below as John displays honesty about the Dem “trick” to set-up the President.

Check Mate! President Trump sends the Democrat memo back to the committee so they can “clean it up”.

Basically, the Democratic memo is like junk mail. And needs to go back so all of the National secrets can be edited. Essentially, President Trump is telling Schiff, “Here! Take it back! Fix you errors!”

If Schiff would have just written it correctly in the first place, then he would not have his feelings hurt! As per the Gateway Pundit, “According to investigative reporter Sara Carter, Schiff purposely put “sources and methods” in his spin memo to force President Trump to make redactions. Schiff knew his spin memo would NEVER be approved.”

If you are tired of the games by Adam Schiff in covering up the Democrat’s involvement with Russia. Then drop a comment below. If you have a great #Schiff word, then lay it down!

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  1. Adam Schiff is a weasel.He released everything that is confidential to press because he thinks he is great we know you are a disgrace.You don’t belong in congress .

  2. why would the Republicans vote to release it then? if there is stuff in it that cannot be released, why would the Republicans vote to realease it, knowing that the Demonrats were just trying to set the President up?

  3. #SchiffHole

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