Acosta Suffers Another Bruising DEFEAT After Failing Once Again To Outsmart Sarah

Image Source: Video Screen clips, edited by USA 4 TRUMP

It was another day in the office for Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. Once again, she was met with one of the most outrageous notions (disguised as reporting) at the White House press briefing!

Misbehaving Jim Acosta of CNN decided infrastructure wasn’t a topic the American people would be interested in! (VIDEO BELOW)

Instead, he thought he would paint the President as someone who has domestic violence issues! How Acosta was able to conflate an alleged domestic case of a White House staff member to the President himself is mind boggling!

Sarah repeated herself close to ten times during the entire briefing, in answering Jim’s asinine interpretation of the President, she graciously repeated herself for him!

“Look, as I just said, and I’ll repeat it again….the President and his entire Administration take domestic violence very seriously. And, believe ALL allegations should be investigated thoroughly. He certainly supports the victim of domestic violence above all else. And, he believes that everyone should be treated fairly and with due process,” Sarah explained.

That seems pretty clear. And, it seems just and fair. But, not to little Jim of CNN. He interrupted Sarah, and she continued with great aplomb! Sarah said it AGAIN and even used the word “simply,” because apparently, Jim cannot hear very well, or understand what he hears for that matter. (VIDEO BELOW)

“The President is simply saying that there should be a due process and that should be followed and looked at,” she stated.

Jim jumped at the chance to have his interpretation “be the story.” So, he tried again saying, there seems to be a tone deafness there. Is there just – a being – on the wrong side of things?”


If any one is tone deaf or even deaf, it would be Jim Acosta! Sarah smoothly countered and repeated herself AGAIN.

I think the President supporting due process for any allegation is NOT tone deaf. I think it is allowing things to be investigated and ‘under allegation’ not be the determining factor. Not taking a side necessarily one way or the other on any specific issue. He’s talking about mere allegations shouldn’t be the determining factor for any individual. That there should be due process. I think anybody here if they were accused of something…”

But, Jim tried to interrupt Sarah again, and she pinned him in the dunce chair.

“Hold on Jim, I’m not finished. Jim hold on.” And, she looked squarely at the group of reporters as Jim schlepped in his chair while she addressed the room with the power of grace. She had the last word.

BAM! And with that, a hush fell over the room. When you are right, you’re right! Sit DOWN Jim and stop with the phony allegations that President Trump has domestic violence issues!

To see the full exchange. Watch the video below!

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5 Comments on "Acosta Suffers Another Bruising DEFEAT After Failing Once Again To Outsmart Sarah"

  1. Thank you again Sarah for slapping him down yet again. You are doing a very great job and Cnn reporters should shut the hell up cause you will knock them down every time

  2. Victoria Usher | February 13, 2018 at 3:35 pm |

    Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a great asset to the President and White House. Way to go, Sarah, answering these news reporters. I love it!

  3. Victoria Usher | February 13, 2018 at 3:38 pm |

    President Trump and Vice President Pence are both doing a great Job!

  4. Susan madden | February 13, 2018 at 7:30 pm |

    Sarah, you are my hero.

  5. Michael Kelly | February 19, 2018 at 8:58 pm |

    Sarah, you are awesome. How you keep your cool with this little fake news bitch is beyond me.

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