Maxine Waters ROCKED Into Disarray After This SHOCKING Letter Is Leaked

A letter addressed to Maxine Waters (D-CA) has surfaced on the internet and going viral.

It appears Maxine Waters tweeted the letter, and later deleted it.

The letter addressed to Maxine Waters is plans drawn for the 2020 Los Angeles Urban Development Program (LAUD) that would begin in Jan. 2018.

The letter explains that groups such as CIAR-LA are instrumental in regards to refugee housing in Minnesota and trying to implement a similar federal program in Los Angeles.

The letter goes on to say that the 43rd district in CA, “should have no problem accommodating 41k refuges in agreeance with CIAR’s relocation project.”

Maxine Waters tweeted that it is an illegal forged document.

Then tweeting the following:

Terrance Williams grabbed the screen shots it appears before she deleted it saying the following:

Mad Maxine Waters is working hard to get this letter removed from twitter. She is mad it got over 10k Retweets so let’s help her out by giving this 100k retweets if it’s fake why are you stressing it?

Do you think Maxine has something to hide? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Maxine…I’ve got this swamp in the Mohave desert, I’d like to sell you. I’m sure you don’t believe me, just as I do not believe that letter is a forged document.

  2. How come she has not used her favorite phrase when she gets caught in a lye, their racist..

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