After Reporters MOCK Sarah’s Job, Watch Them IMMEDIATELY REGRET IT

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Monday during the White House press briefing, it was another showdown with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders vs the crooked liberal press.

The press pool focused all of their energy on wasted subjects that the American people don’t care about. (VIDEO BELOW)

However, Sarah slapped them all down, one by one, elegantly.

President Trump unveiled his mass infrastructure project Monday, and nevertheless the media wanted to discuss Rob Porter, who is no longer employed at the White House.

The press pool has turned into a complete Soap Box.

Instead of focusing on what America is interested in, the press makes up their own reality show. (VIDEO BELOW)

Two reporters tried to step in the ring during the briefing, but they were no match for Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as they instantly got knocked out!

Cecilia M. Vega, senior White House correspondent for ABC News, was first to try her luck.

She started out immediately taking a jab at the President. If that wasn’t bad enough, Cecilia had the audacity to question Sarah’s role as Press Secretary. (VIDEO BELOW)

“Why haven’t WE heard the President say exactly what you just said… that he takes domestic violence very seriously?” Cecilia asked.

Sarah explained that she directly talked to the president and those were his direct words.

Celia interrupted Sarah questioning her role saying, “but why hasn’t he [Pres Trump] said that?”

Sarah shot back at Celia, putting her right in her place, while explaining that it’s her job to speak on behalf of the President.

The next reporter to enter the ring also tried his luck taking a jab at the President and Sarah. Again, questioning her role as Press Secretary asking, “Why does he have to speak through YOU?”

The reporter threw a fit in front of everyone, almost stomping his feet, because he was not getting the answer he wanted. Sarah once again broke it down for him simply, explaining her role for the small minded reporter.

Who do these “reporters” think they are? Where do these people come from?

Watch Sarah put them right in their places.

Sarah is SPOT ON! Do you think these reporters need to hang it up and focus on the best interest for America? Let us know in the comments below and SHARE the news!

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  1. How stupid and discourteous can the press corpse be??? They have only one agenda, get Trump!!! Great job Sarah!!!

  2. The news people are idiots

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