AMAZING: Pres Trump Just Donated His Entire Salary To A Cause That Will Make You Cheer

President Trump Credit: American First Patriots

Today, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders dropped some amazing news when she disclosed what President Trump has decided to do with his fourth quarter salary.

Sanders reminded the press that the President donated his entire salary on a quarterly basis, and has done so since being sworn into office as part of a pledge to the American people. (Video Below)

Press Secretary Sanders gave a quick run down on exactly where the President’s previous quarterly salaries were donated.

The President donated his third quarter salary to the Department of Health and Human Services to combat the opioid epidemic. And prior to that, he donated to the Department of Education and National Park Service.

Sanders then revealed where his fourth quarter salary is being allocated:

“Today, the president is proud to donate his fourth quarter 2017 salary to the Department of Transportation to support their programs to rebuild and modernize our crumbling infrastructure.” (Video Below)

Wow! That Is Incredible!

You won’t see sources like CNN talking about an incredible feat like this! Isn’t it great to have a President who isn’t in it for the money, and is strictly doing his job for the people?! Talk about pure selflessness!

What do you think about the President donating his salary strictly to programs that will help our country? Scroll down below and drop a comment!

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