Right After Reporter’s Call Sarah A LIAR, Watch Her Wipe The Smirk Off Their Faces

Image Source: Video screen grab; USA 4 Trump Compilation

Tuesday during the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was ambushed with gotcha questions as expected, from the biased liberal press.

However, they are no match for her. (VIDEO BELOW)

Today, the President donated his entire 2017 4th fourth quarter salary to the Department of Transportation to support their programs, and rebuild and modernize our crumbling infrastructure.

However, the press continued their shenanigans with another day of questions focusing on Rob Porter, who no longer works at the White House.

During questioning from the Senate intelligence committee Tuesday, FBI Director Chris Wray testified under oath saying that: the FBI had completed a partial report on Porter in March, finished its full report in late July, responded to a White House request for follow-up information in November, and closed the file in January.

“We administratively closed the file in January, and then earlier this month we received some additional information and we passed that on as well,” Wray said. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the briefing, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was pushed on this subject matter, and the press was vicious.

The first question, John Roberts from Fox News asked Sarah point blankly about the timeline that Christopher Wray laid out. Sarah explained that the information was still coming to the White House personnel security office in February. (We left Robert’s in the video for informational purposes)

Kristen Welker from NBC who was slapped down yesterday by Sarah, took a direct jab today, calling Sarah a liar.  (VIDEO BELOW)

“Who’s lying, you or Christopher Wray?” Kristen implied. Sarah immediately put her in her place and moved on.

Next up to bat was Jon Decker, White House correspondent for Fox News Radio, who also questioned Sarah’s honesty over the the timeline of Porter. Sarah was on a roll and laid down the cold, hard, facts.

Watch Sarah as she cleans house:

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5 Comments on "Right After Reporter’s Call Sarah A LIAR, Watch Her Wipe The Smirk Off Their Faces"

  1. i get sick of all the rude reporters thank god for this smart woman


  3. Paulina Bradford | February 13, 2018 at 11:39 pm |

    Its time to drain the media swamp. We the people are not interested in the media’s continual efforts to make Washington look like Paton Place. When are they going to start reporting on the news that matters? I’m disgusted by what they call news. Grow up people and move on.

  4. The media doesn’t understand that all this nill osnt important to Americans but insists on keeping it going. Then “Fake News Media” meed to stop so Sarah cam do her job better mot that she isn’t just have to tale up a lot of time on bull. Yet again Sarah shut them down wonder when they might get tired of negin embarrased and pit doem

  5. Unfortunate they can’t seem to do something positive for the people of this country, fake living media is disgusting. They should be held in contempt for there dishonesty and construing information into negative garbage.

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