FBI MORTIFIED As Rush Exposes The Reason For Their Cloak-And-Dagger Operation

FOX Screen Grab, Dagger News and USA for Trump Compilation

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t appear too often on national television, but when he does, it’s for calculated purposes. And in this explosive interview with Chris Wallace, Rush had a lot to get off his chest and inform the American people about.

During the interview, Wallace and Rush discussed the Florida shooting. And doing so, brought up questions regarding Mueller’s Witch Hunt and if the FBI is spending too much time investigating Trump/Russia ties, which have so far amounted to a bunch of nothing. Video Below

Rush shed new light on what exactly the reason is behind the Trump Investigation, what all of the racket is about, and why it continues even after no clear evidence of wrongdoing has been found.

When Wallace pressed Limbaugh over Michael Flynn, Rush said it is now known that Michael Flynn did nothing wrong and several FBI agents, including Peter Strzok, did not believe Flynn lied. Rush believes the only reason Flynn pled guilty is because the FBI ran him dry. Rush said:

“His family was being destroyed, his financial net worth was being destroyed, he was being broken. He had to stop the bleeding.

Rush believes the entire investigation was politically motivated and that’s when he dropped the BOMBSHELL that he believes is the real reason any kind of investigation was opened in the first place. (VIDEO BELOW)


Rush Limbaugh summed up exactly why there was an investigation opened into the Trump Campaign to begin with and why it still continues. Rush said:

“It is about protecting Crooked Hillary and Barack Obama and the only reason Hillary isn’t charged is b/c that would mean Obama would have to be exposed as participating in the scheme too.” (Video Below)

Wow! Just WOW! Rush sure does a great job pointing out the obvious and it all makes sense. The FBI is supposed to be apolitical, but several new key pieces of evidence, including the infamous FISA MEMO, proves they were in the back pocket of the Democrat party.

Comey and other FBI agents have already voiced disdain for Trump and Republicans, which can be seen HERE. And the insurance policy formulated by the FBI to take down Trump speaks volumes. Read more on that HERE.

Yet out of it all, we have now figured out it wasn’t the Trump campaign that was colluding, yet if was Hillary and the Obama Administration. You can read more about that HERE.

What do you think about Rush’s statement? Scroll down below and let us know!

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  2. We, the American people, are aware of that Obama and Clinton are the main parties that conjured up the Russian Scandal. Yet, with all the evidence, not one of them has been arrested. This is what is making the American citizens angrier at the politicians. The politicians will not demand justice and go after the “big fish”! Obama and Hillary belong in prison, to say the least, and all those involved belong there, too! Let’s get American back into justice for all!

  3. Justin Plumlee | February 18, 2018 at 7:21 pm |

    The Leftists KNEW Hillary was going to win. Why? Because they believe their own lies and Press. Too bad they didn’t use common sense and see the many, many masses of people showing up FOR Trump. These morons refuse fact and logic 24/7/365!
    In the end they lost. And since that time they have been building and burning every Straw-man they can create. Why? Because that’s the only way to protect the Deceitful Deep State and it’s Champions – The ObamaNation and it’s Hillary! (among many others. May they all rot in prison or the grave. I couldn’t careless for these Political Pigs of an immorally corrupted Nature).

  4. William Andrus | February 18, 2018 at 8:25 pm |

    Rush is spot on!

  5. BHO/HRC wasted no time twisting our DEMOCRACY to benefit their causes. Stacking the deck w/judicial and governmental agencies against our USA and the citizens. Sowing discord in local governments and police,religion,people and using FBI,CIA,IRS,CONGRESS and Justice System. To me this is treason..TREASON. What is the penalty for TREASON. TIME TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR ACTIONS. This didn’t happen overnight. They took 8 years doing this.It’s not a OOPS SORRY DIDN’T MEAN ANY HARM… THIS WAS A CONCERTED EFFORT ON THEIR PART TO UNDERMINE OUR WAY OF LIFE. THEY DO NOT DESERVE MERCY.

  6. The Republican leadership needs to all grow a pair and kick some chimp asses and firing squad if that is what it’ll take to close this out or at least some of the snakes head will be severed.

  7. Every last one needs to go to jail or we have no law and no country. That means they will keep doing it.

  8. WRong!!!!

    As Rush explained to his audience last week, it is his ANNUAL interview on Fox.

    It is for “scheduled” purposes, not “calculated” purposes

  9. Congress is like a circle of dominoes supporting each other.
    If one goes down so do the rest.
    They are all complicit and terrified of losing their personal gravy train.

  10. Olivia Bruce | February 19, 2018 at 2:16 pm |

    Let’s make sure that the justice system does their job and puts these treasonous bums in prison for the rest of their lives, without possibility of parole, because we all know that even though DEATH is the consequence of TREASON, that will never happen…

  11. All I can say is ; lets get it ON and start prosecuting any and all corrupt representatives being rinos like mc can’t, pisslousy, finklestein, dumbama, killary, commie, rice paddy and the rest who are in knowledge of corruption against Our United States

  12. I don’t always agree with rush, but he’s correct here.

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