Clarence Thomas Steps To Podium, Fires Shot That Will Echo Throughout American History

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Clarence Thomas rarely gives interviews. He keeps his own counsel, but when he does break his silence it is worth checking out what he says.

He was interviewed at the Library of Congress last Thursday and he did not disappoint.

Clarence Thomas said he was “worn down” from the excuses he keeps hearing from the left in America.

“At some point, we’re going to be fatigued with everybody being the victim.”

Correct. We certainly don’t make Americans like we used to.

What happened?

We used to win wars and never whine and simply get the job done. Now we are paralyzed by a politically correct culture that seems to frown on everything.

And more importantly, blame everyone but themselves for their own darn problems.


Thomas spoke of his grandfather to try to remind the youth of today what they can do:

“With nine months of education, but he never saw himself as a victim. He used to say that he was a motherless child. He never knew his father. His mother died when he was seven or eight years old. Of course, they didn’t have birth certificates then, so he never knew quite how old he was.”

“You always have to play the hand you’re dealt. If you’re dealt a bad hand, you still have to play it,” Thomas said. “When we would whine about things, if you look at the bust in my office that my wonderful wife had made for me when I went on the court. His favorite quote was ‘Old man can’t is dead. I helped bury him.'”

The only true thing holding a person back is that little voice inside their head that says they can’t do it, they don’t know how, it’s too hard…


We just hope all the liberal millennials in America are listening to Thomas because he just gave them a valuable lesson.

For if they do listen they will soon get rid of their liberals shackles and finally grow up.

9 Comments on "Clarence Thomas Steps To Podium, Fires Shot That Will Echo Throughout American History"

  1. Nancy Wallace | February 19, 2018 at 1:12 pm |

    I hold high respect for Clarence Thomas. When he speaks it is profound. Listen and take in what he just shared.

  2. George southern | February 19, 2018 at 3:14 pm |

    So wise words too bad that they don’t teach this in school

  3. that was AWESOME!

  4. Justice Thomas refused to be a victim, ie the persecuteion he was subject to when nominated to dawn the Justice Robe,”the lynching of a uppity nigger” was a brilliant responce to the trash that was judging him;I think they thought he was too conservative to be of use in their progressive plans. Justice Thomas is also aware of the 5th commandment. He is blessed by God.

  5. A wonderful self made proud you are on the court.thanks

  6. Jean Caperones | February 20, 2018 at 11:19 pm |

    He is a very HUMBLE and SMART MAN!!

  7. Evelyn noonan | February 21, 2018 at 8:47 am |

    Was taught responsibility at a very early age. Help you family to grow up instead of coddling them. Tk you Mr. thomas

  8. He should NEVER been approved to be a member of the Court. A disgraceful man.

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