Liberal Media Hangs Head In Shame After Seeing What Trump Just Did For President’s Day

Source: Screenshots

Today, if you are not aware is President’s day. The day we honor the patriots who have helped lead this great nation.

We remember what they did and what they did not do to get through the chaotic times of the day. History will be the ultimate judge of each president and so far Trump is winning high marks.

Well, from everyone save the liberal media, such is their hatred for the sitting President of the United States of America.

Hillary is still devastated by her historic loss and this day will not be easy for her or for her mouthpieces on CNN and MSNBC.

Was there not a better sight than watching Hillary’s big election party turn into pity party on live TV?

To watch CNN’s ‘news’ anchors break down and cry on national TV was a thing of beauty and removed all doubt about an unbiased press.

And today Trump sent out a special message to all his supporters to remind them how far they have come and to remind Anderson Cooper who’s boss.

“From the birth of the Father of our Country to Abraham Lincoln’s leadership that brought our divided nation back together, our country’s history is studded with many heroic leaders whom we are proud to honor this President’s Day,” the email said.

“From George Washington to Donald J. Trump, we’re celebrating the great patriots who’ve led our nation…CELEBRATE President’s Day with 30% off ALL official Presidential merchandise with code POTUS.”

The email came complete with a link to Trump’s website.

Trump knows exactly what he is doing and how to push the liberal media into erupting in phony outrage (which they have done over this email) thereby guaranteeing his poll numbers will keep rising.

It will be a long 7 years for the left and they would be wise to accept reality and get on board.

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