Rosie O’Donnell Gets ROASTED After Deranged Attack On Nikki Haley’s Parents

Rosie O'Donnell and Nikki Haley via Screen Grab and RAMPELOTTO/EUROPANEWSWIRE/DPA/ZUMA PRESS

Rosie O’Donnell committed another one of her deranged attacks on Tuesday, this time on UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s parents of all people.

Nikki Haley tweeted out some pictures with her parents on Monday, with the caption, “Celebrating Mom and Dad’s 57th Anniversary! We are blessed.” See Below

O’Donnell couldn’t help but twist Haley’s sentimental post into a sick political attack. Rosie responded, “And u work for him – wtf is wrong with u nikki.” See Below

And just like that, Twitterverse wasted no time slamming Rosie for her despicable attack.

Rosie Got ROASTED! Here Are Some Of Our Favorite Responses:

And there were so many more comebacks, check out O’Donnell’s Twitter account to see more. What do you think about Rosie’s attack on Nikki Haley’s parents? Respond below and please Share!