Pres Trump Meets With Public Servants, Media Stunned To Silence By What Happens Next

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions introduced the President of the United States to the Public Safety Medal of Valor Awards Ceremony on Tuesday.

President Trump made a speech and personally awarded the LEO’s the Medal of Valor in wake of the Parkland County High School Valentines’s Day massacre. (VIDEO BELOW)

Additionally, the introduction was historical! It is not typical for President’s to attend this particular award ceremony.

Also, this speaks volumes as to President Trump’s true regard for the men and women who protect the public’s safety day in and day out.  Attorney General Sessions said:

“I’d like to thank President Trump for hosting us and indeed for being here with us today. In the history of this award, It’s a rare privledge to have a President present in person.” 


President Trump Hosts the Public Safety Medal of Valor Awards Ceremony:

The Medal of Valor is the ” highest national honor a public safety officer — firefighters, law enforcement or emergency services officers — can receive, according to the U.S. Department of Justice” per Fox News. There were 12 American heroes who were honored today.


  • Cpl. Rafael Ixco, San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department.
  • Det. Bruce Southworth, San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department.
  • Deputy Shaun Wallen, San Bernadino Sheriff’s Department.
  • Det. Brian Olvera, San Bernadino Police Department.
  • District Attorney Investigator Chad Johnson, San Bernadino County District Attorney’s Office.
  • Officer Nicholas Koahou, Redlands Police Department.
  • Lt. William Buchanan, Avery County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina – saved man trapped in fiery car wreck in Tennessee.
  • EMT Sean Ochsenbein, Putnam County Rescue Squad in Tennessee -saved man trapped in fiery car wreck in Tennessee.
  • Firefighter/Harbor Patrol Officer David Poirier, Jr., Redondo Beach Fire Departmet – rescued three people from drowming.
  • Chief Douglas Schroeder, Hesston Police Department -work place violence and saved up to 150 employees.
  • Engineer Steven Gunn, Peoria Fire-Medical Department – resuced a man from his burning home.
  • Patrolman Andrew Hopfensperger, Jr., Antigo Police Department – saved four high school prom goes from an active shooter.

Watch video below as President Trump honors these American heroes:

Thank you President Trump for being there to award the Medal of Valor to these great unsung LEO heroes of America! If you are proud of our LEO’s who do their jobs every day to ensure our safety, then lay down a comment and let them know that you appreciate everything they do for us! In ending, go a step further and stop an officer or fireman and tell them “thank you”!

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  1. awesome i watched it earlier today love our POTUS

  2. My husband and me love our president. God sent this man for a time as this. We prayed and fasted for him when he was running. No matter if people believe it or not, but GOD HAS CONFIRMED THAT HE SENT DONALD J. TRUMP,,AND WHEN GOD SAYS IT, THAT MAKES IT A DONE DEAL!!!!

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