Barack Obama Woke Up, Read This, And Immediately Called His Lawyer

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Barack Obama is running out of places to hide. After Robert Mueller’s bombshell indictments of 13 Russians for meddling in the election while Obama did nothing, America wants answers.

Obama gave his reasons for falling asleep on the job and they are, not surprisingly, weak.

First, he blamed Mitch McConnell for not agreeing to release some statement that would have done nothing to stop Russia.

Then he blamed this and that before admitting that he was afraid to do anything because he did not want to be seen touching the scales in the election.

Now, quite possibly this helped Trump. Maybe not. We will never know.

But what it does show is that Obama was afraid to use the full power of his office – he was President, his job was to defend the nation, not worry about politics.

Obama was always looking out for his legacy, not the country and that will be how he will be forever known.

Trump is upset because he has to fix another mess Obama left behind. Obama tried and failed to have a better relationship with Russia and when he fell asleep on the job he made it impossible for Trump to even try to make new deals with Putin.

We don’t need Russia, they need us but what in the hell was Obama doing for 8 years if not protecting America from our enemies?

Either way, Trump wants answers and he wants them now and he deserves them. If he has to clean up the mess at least he should know how bad it is.

Correct. Time to lawyer up Obama and the rest because America wants and deserves answers.


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  1. ernie creekmore | February 21, 2018 at 7:20 pm |

    Obama was the nearest nothing who ever held the Office of the
    President of the United States. I agree with Trump, it seems we are Investigating the wrong People !!! I think we need to be investigating Obama,Hillary,Loretta Lynch,Susan Rice & all the main players in Russian thing & the Uranium One Deal ,these people all need to be brought to Justice & lets not forget Ron Emanuel, the past Sectary of State & all their People. Make America Great Again !!!!

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