Sheriff Israel Runs For Cover After Sara Carter Exposes A New Plethora Of Dirty Secrets

Sara A.Carter uncovers catalyst of Sheriff Scott Israel's department. Demands for his ouster now being delivered. Photo credit to Dagger News and CNBC.Sara A.Carter uncovers catalyst of Sheriff Scott Israel's department. Demands for his ouster now being delivered. Photo credit to Dagger News and CNBC.

Sheriff Scott Israel is the Broward County Sheriff in Florida who was in charge of the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre this passed Valentine’s Day.

It was his department where the deputies failed to go inside the school. It was under his direction that the emergency teams were not allowed entrance. And it was also under his jurisdiction that over 30 reported calls about the shooter went unnoticed by his department.

What IF the liberal left could have Florida citizens WANT to disarm the GREAT STATE of FLORIDA? 

Investigative reporter, Sara A. Carter has discovered the Broward County Sheriff’s office has serious issues. And all of this under the so-called ‘leadership’ of Scott Israel. This is what Sara discovered.

“David Schoen, a civil rights attorney, is representing the family of Jermaine McBean, an IT specialist who was killed by one of Sheriff Scott Israel’s deputies in 2013. McBean was walking home with an unloaded air rifle he had purchased when confronted by the deputies and was killed. Schoen says Sheriff’s Israel’s failed leadership in the Sheriff’s office puts citizens at risk.  

There are more than 66 investigations by the Broward County State Attorney’s office into Broward County Sheriff’s deputies and employees, ranging from drug trafficking to kidnapping since 2012, according to a 2014 Brady list produced by the Broward State Attorney’s office. Forty of the investigations occurred under embattled Sheriff Scott Israel’s watch.” 

Israel’s shame does not end there. Recall his loathesome behavior at the Town Hall? See Video Below.

Dana Loesh attends the CNN Town Hall to discuss how to prevent mass shootings and to defend the Second Amendment. 

In addition, it is no secret that Sheriff Scott Israel is a flaming liberal who sided with Hillary Clinton.

In fact, at the now infamous CNN Town Hall where Dana Loesh, NRA spokesman squared off with the Sheriff. Israel displayed all the hallmark signs of a criminal himself. Woe! That was a mouth full! What do we mean? See Video Below.

Likewise, he did a fabulous job of squirming in his seat at the Town Hall. Clearly, he was deflecting his own fault in the situation. And it appears, he was ready to start a proverbial ‘civil war’ if he went without scrutiny himself.


Also, today FLORIDIANS are calling for Israel’s OUSTER! 

Incredibly, as reported moments ago by Kathleen Joyce of Fox News, “Florida Gov. Rick Scott is facing a growing number of calls to remove Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel from his position over the department’s response to the high school shooting that killed 17 people.”

Additionally, Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire tweeted.

: Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran calls on Governor Rick Scott to suspend Democrat Sheriff Scott Israel for “malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect or duty [or] incompetence.”

“In addition, a survivor of the shooting told Fox News on Sunday that the sheriff had to go. “He failed to act on so many different levels and him himself, he is responsible for this massive failure. It could have been easily stopped both by the FBI and the sheriff’s department had they acted,” Kyle Kashuv told “America’s News HQ.”

In closing, would you like to see Sheriff Israel STEP DOWN from his position? He is the poster boy of “what not to do” in a case so tragic. Are you impressed with Sara Carter’s journalism skills to help uncover what is REALLY going in his crooked department? Drop your comment below.

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  1. Yes absolutely this sheriff Israel in Florida should be ARRESTED and CHARGED with the MURDER OF THE SEVENTEEN STUDENTS that was killed…!

  2. Yes Sheriff Israel should be charged with murder,17 counts and go to jail.

  3. He is not above the law?Is he?

  4. Sheriff Israel should be made to step down and charge with 17 murders he has blood on his hands that’s for sure

  5. Israel needs to be removed as sheriff immediately before he fails to protect and serve again! He has blood on his hands!

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