What Dick Durbin Just Admitted Will Have Dreamers Abandoning Democrats

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Dear Dreamers, don’t be fooled by Durbin and the Democrats. Even though they appear to care for you, they want to keep your status in suspense and to use you until after the 2018 Mid-terms.

Just like they did after the 2010 mid-terms. See Below 

As reported by The Hill, in 2009 the Democrats decided on Health Care over assisting the Dreamers status.

They could have helped the Dreamers then, but they opted instead to pass health care legislation, then tried to keep the people who cared about your issue on the team with promises to take up immigration after the 2010 midterms.” 

“President Trump wants to make that right and return the responsibility for setting immigration policy to the people’s representatives in Congress, as evidenced by his recent decision to return 200,000 people to El Salvador who came here more than a decade ago after an earthquake.”

“He has offered repeatedly to work with Congress to fix DACA — a position that goes against many in his base. But the Democrats in Congress are preventing progress — and for the same reason they did in 2010, to improve their prospects in the midterm elections.” – The Hill 

Dreamers were betrayed by the Democrats THEN and Durbin is doing it again today! 

Just listen to dirty Dick Durbin (D-IL) regarding the Democrats abandoning the dreamers until AFTER the 2018 mid-terms. The Bizpac Review reported the following.

After going up against Ben Shapiro, Dick said, “I don’t know what lies ahead in terms of the midterm elections. But I remind all of my friends who feel as I do about this issue, this election, the election of new members to the House and to the Senate, will decide the fate of this issue.

Remember when President Trump said, “Because…American’s are dreamers, too?” Watch Video below:

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  1. Mr President Trump, You Said America First, Well If That Is True, Send DACA Back, And Let Them Come Back As Veted.

  2. The democrats are so afraid they will lose their place to obstruct and tell lies They could have already fixed the law for the dreamers. Don’t believe their lies. They only want the votes and it is not important to them to do this. Shame on all of u democrats

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