Stephen Colbert Up In Arms After Nunes EXPOSES His Mockery Coverup

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Devin Nunes is an American hero plain and simple.

If it wasn’t for him and his team, we would never know the corruption that took place during the 2016 Presidential election. (VIDEO BELOW)

Nunes continues to uncover and peel away the facts while being slandered and smeared by the left, but he gladly welcomes it, as it means it’s doing the right thing.

While the democrats, the mainstream media, and Hollywood continue working together burying the evident facts that are laid out, Nunes and his team keep up the fight.

Calling into Fox News with Neil Cavuto on Saturday, Nunes explained there was clear FISA abuse, and the GOP House Intel Committee are the only ones trying to get to the bottom of the real Russia collusion.

Nunes once again states that the Trump campaign was not involved with Russia, but the DNC and Hillary campaign were, adding that the mainstream media refuses to cover it, while the facts are laid out in their face. (VIDEO BELOW)

He stated he welcomes anyone who will help as they keep investigating what happened, furthermore explaining he’s in favor of Jeff Sessions appointing Inspector General Horawitz to help, because the Republicans are the only ones who are doing anything to get to the bottom of what happened.

Nunes defended himself against the smears coming toward him and laughs about it.

The latest smear towards Nunes now comes from Stephen Colbert, the ultra left-wing, Trump hating late night host. (VIDEO BELOW)

Colbert tried to make a mockery of Nunes in Capitol Hill with some Representatives in Congress, but failed miserably. His act consisted of making fun of “the memo.”

Nunes affirmed that the left controls Universities, Hollywood, and the mainstream media, declaring that Conservatives are under attack. He pointed out that what Colbert did was a great example of it.

When the facts are laid out and presented, the left goes to their friends in Hollywood to make fun of conservatives, but Nunes announced it’s just laughable. (VIDEO BELOW)

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  1. Yes I’m tired of the lying hateful race bating left? they refuse to tell any truth and are trying to take all guns &start a war so their terrorist buddies can slaughter real americans with no resistance THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED

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