After Being Called ‘Clueless,’ Stacey Dash Drops a HARSH Reality Bomb On Trevor Noah

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Stacey Dash fired back at comedian Trevor Noah after he attacked her on his Tuesday night episode of Daily Show.

Noah attacked Dash after hearing the news that she is running for Congress. He bashed her during his opening segment of Tuesday night’s Daily Show, and Dash was not about to let him get away with it without a fight. (SEE BELOW)

Noah thinks Dash is just running as a publicity stunt and said during his opening segment:

“As with any election, there’s always going to be someone who’s doing it just for the fame…Good lord, forget Congress. Stacey Dash should run as president for the Sunken Place.

And look, I don’t even blame her. Because running just to become more famous actually works. The only time it didn’t work is when Donald Trump did it, but then he won by accident. He’s that bad or that good, I can’t tell which one. The point is, we’d better pray Vladimir Putin isn’t a big fan of Clueless.”

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Dash, who was perturbed by the comedians ridiculous humor fired back:

“Trevornoah About your comments on my candidacy. I’m not running to gain fame. This type of controversial fame has not brought me any financial gain. In fact I’ve been blacklisted in H-wood. Hollywood seems to have the right to say who’s black & who’s not based on their politics.

“As for those who don’t think I understand “living the life” or know “the struggle” that would qualify me to represent the people of the 44th district, let’s be clear: does growing up in 60s South Bronx to mixed race, drug addicted parents, being a single mom or being publicly attacked and blacklisted fit your profile of someone who has “lived the life” and knows “the struggle?” Don’t profile me until you know me.” See Below

Stacey Dash, who is running for California’s 44th district, has the spirit to put up a good fight, especially when it involves something she believes in. And her instant swipe back to Trevor Noah proves it.

This is only the beginning, so the attacks by the deep left will likely continue and it appears Dash is more than ready to take them on.

What do you think about Dash’s candidacy? Do you think she has a shot? Scroll down below and let us know what you think!

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  1. Michael Lastine | March 4, 2018 at 8:42 pm |

    She sounds very refreshing for Calif. sounds like she has conviction about her cause too. That’s the type of people we need. Not another politician!!

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