Special Counsel Mueller Expands His Investigation To The Most Unprecedented Level Yet

Trump, Mueller via Global Affairs Online and Gateway Pundit

Special counsel Robert Mueller is looking to expand his investigation into the 2016 Trump Campaign after his grand jury drew up a new subpoena targeting multiple people

According to NBC News, a subpoena issued by Mueller’s grand jury and sent to a witness by special counsel Robert Mueller, demands several documents from multiple campaign advisors to President Trump.


The subpoena requests emails, text messages, work papers, telephone logs and other documents from November 1, 2015. This dates back to just 4 and a half months after President Trump launched his bid for the White House.

The subpoena allegedly involves the following former associates to Trump’s campaign:

Steve Bannon (former strategist), Michael Cohen (personal lawyer),
Rick Gates (former deputy campaign manager), Hope Hicks (communications director) Corey Lewandowski (former campaign manager), Paul Manafort (former campaign manager), Carter Page (campaign aide), Keith Schiller (former bodyguard) and Roger Stone (political operative and campaign adviser).

The President still isn’t directly named in the investigation, however this latest subpoena is the broadest one issued to date and shows Mueller is still determined to find dirt directly tied to President Trump.

This is all despite over a year’s worth of investigating of the Trump Campaign and not one shred of evidence implicates the President of wrongdoing or colluding with Russia. Hence is the reason why Trump labels the probe a “Witch Hunt.”

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4 Comments on "Special Counsel Mueller Expands His Investigation To The Most Unprecedented Level Yet"

  1. I think he’s getting rich off of us taxpayer’s. Like Miss Conditions Rice told Adam Shiff it’s time to wrap it up so America can move on. God bless

  2. The license to steal must have a expiration date. Nothing in 1 year automatic shut down . Tax dollars are only funding campaign donation and there friend pockets .

  3. Phebe Wood | March 5, 2018 at 9:30 am |

    I think Mr. Mueller’s whole investigation should immediately be investigated.

  4. Jacqueline R Campbell | March 6, 2018 at 4:52 pm |

    Mueller is the one who should be LOCKED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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