EXTRA SALTY: Prominent Dem Loses It After Gorka Salts Him Like A Pretzel

Image Source: Left-Video screen grab, Right- Mediaite. Edited and Calibrated by USA 4 Trump

Tuesday night, Dr. Sebastian Gorka joined Laura Ingraham on her Fox News show, The Ingraham Angle.

And, things got heated. (VIDEO BELOW)

During the interview, Laura was joined by Dr. Sebastian Gorka and Phillippe Reines who had a testy exchange over President Trump.

Dr. Gorka calls out Reines explaining that he needs to get over that fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election, and the Democratic party continues to push false narratives to the American people.

Gorka continued with the simple fact that America elected President Trump, because he pushed an American First agenda and is living up to his campaign promises.

At that point, Reines became utterly triggered over the facts that Gorka was laying out, and started to squirm in his seat. Reines tried to come back at Gorka with personal insults and lies, but ultimately it backfired. (VIDEO BELOW)

Phillippe Reines said that 65% of America disagrees with President Trump policies, but Gorka stepped in asking, “Is that the same polling that said Hillary would win?”

Reines sat in his seat stewing at the facts Gorka laid down on the table, so he did what any Democrat would do, and attack with personal jabs.

He said, “I was hoping to God that when I got this close to him [Gorka] that I would smell Booze, it would make it a little more understandable.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Laura immediately jumped all over Reines asking why the personal attacks, but he sat there without being able to respond.

Gorka decided he’d play his game back, exposing a tweet Reines sent out- where he claimed that Donald Trump wants to arm ‘white supremacist teachers.’

He then looked Reines in the face and point blank told him, “You have Trump Derangement Syndrome!”

After the interview, Reines took another shot at Gorka and President Trump thinking he went “hard on him.” (VIDEO BELOW)

In his tweet Reines said, “I went at Sebastian Gorka hard. If I could do it again I wouldn’t change a word. I won’t play patty cake with a loathsome & dangerous stain on humanity. Trump normalized him. He must be abnormalized. It wasn’t about party. What I said I said as a Jew.”


Watch Dr. Gorka salt Reines like a pretzel:

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  1. reines def has tds

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