Luis Gutierrez Opens His Big Mouth To Attack Trump, Backfires In Embarrassing Way

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Luis Gutierrez went on the House floor and launched a vicious and outrageous attack against President Trump.

The left loves to paint Trump as a racist monster, not because it is true but because it fits their narrative.

Narratives sell and the anti-Trump one is all the Dems have left after abandoning the American worker for the easy money of Wall Street.

It won’t work because facts will always win the day and expose any false narrative. Take DACA.

Gutierrez ripped Trump for DACA saying:

“So Trump’s immigration approach is pretty simple:  If you are white, you’re alright.  If you are brown, you are lower down. And if you are black, just go back.”

“Yes, in America, if you have a million dollars or you look like a million dollars, you can get a visa. But if you look like a parking attendant or a busboy or a field hand or the King of Wakanda – in the eyes of our President, you are not welcome.”

Wakanda is a reference to the movie Black Panther and yes if Trump said it the left would have exploded in rage.

Gutierrez is wrong to attack Trump over DACA. We all remember his heartfelt plea for the dreamers when he said he would go help build the wall himself it if helped those kids.

But it is the Democrats who are holding up a deal on DACA. Trump has already given them the terms of their surrender in exchange for the dreamers.

It’s not Trump’s fault the Dems still believe Hillary won and will be eventually installed as soon as Mueller gets through with Trump. They refuse to accept he won and won’t deal with him.

Elections matter.

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  1. our President Trump had a deal for DEMOCRATS RE. DACA. But the democrats refused it.!

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