Eric Trump Just Did The Sweetest Thing For His Wife, Lara, To Prove How Much He Loves Her

Eric Trump and his wife Lara, via Pinterest and USA for Trump Enhancement

Lara and Eric Trump recently celebrated their 10th wedding Anniversary: “The tin and aluminum Anniversary!”

And Eric took Lara for a romantic ski vacation. After 10 years of marriage, Eric and Lara are still going strong! Then, Eric even posted a picture of them on his Facebook page with the hashtag “Awesome Wife”. Well played, Eric, well played! (See Post Below!) 

How Eric and Lara met! 

The youngest Trump son, who is 34 years old met the North Carolina “down home girl” while out with friends. They were the two tallest people in the room so it was easy to find one another they said in an interview with Ainsley Earhardt of ‘Fox & Friends’h/t Elite Daily

When Ainsley asked how they met, Lara responded, “We met here in New York. Actually, we were both out one night with friends and being, probably, the two tallest people in the room was really helpful. I think we spotted each other across the room. I was immediately intrigued, and hopefully Eric felt the same way.

Also Lara told Ainsely that “It took us about three months to go on a date.” And she even remembered what she wore on their first date!

And Eric was sweet when asked what he saw in Lara. He said he really loved her “southern charm!”

Then, in September 2017, Lara and Trump welcomed their first child — President Trump’s ninth grandchild — Eric “Luke” Trump. The third eldest Trump child announced the birth in a tweet. He wrote:

Eric is very sweet. And if you would like to wish them a Happy Anniversary, drop a comment below!

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  1. Rintha Blake | March 21, 2018 at 8:52 am |

    Happy 10th Anniversary Blessings to a lovely couple.

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