THIS IS WAR: Hannity SLAMS Down The Hammer After Late Night Host’s SHAMEFUL Attack On FLOTUS

Image Source: Video screen shots. USA 4 TRUMP Compilation

Sean Hannity of Fox News stepped up and slammed late night host Jimmy Kimmel Thursday in a heated twitter war, and then on live TV.

Hannity took to twitter exposing Kimmel’s hypocrisy after his shameful attack on the President’s wife for her foreign accent as she read to children during the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. (VIDEO’S BELOW)

Hannity slammed down the hammer after Kimmel mocked First Lady Melania Trump, in addition to his attacks toward the President and his children. Hannity is fed up. And, so is the rest of America.

Liberals think they can make fun of and attack conservatives without repercussion. But, when someone stands up to them, they can’t take the heat. It’s good to finally see conservatives with spines. Hannity stood up for the First Lady against the attacks.

A twitter war broke out between Hannity and Kimmel, and Hannity didn’t let up. After their feud, Hannity exposed Kimmel on his show Friday night.

In addition, Kimmel whined on TV about it with very lewd and perverted comments. The 2 videos are at the very bottom, below all of the tweets. Thank you Hannity for standing up for the President and the First Lady. (VIDEO’S BELOW)

Hannity trashes Jimmy Kimmel for mocking the First Lady. WATCH BELOW: 

Spot on Hannity. Thank you for standing up for the President and his family. It’s time conservatives speak out against the attacks and stop laying down like dogs, while the left continues their vicious attacks.

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  1. Sam moncada | April 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm |

    Good job Hannity Slam the clown

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