In Just NINE WORDS, Mark Levin Puts The Trump/Russia Collusion Narrative To Bed

Mark Levin & Robert Mueller via Fox Screen Grab and Gateway Pundit

On Friday night, President Trump ordered the United States Armed Forces to launch precision strikes on targets in Syria in response to more alleged chemical attacks by Bashar al Assad. The move was immediately condemned by Russian leaders, especially Vladimir Putin, who made the following statement:

“Russia condemns in the strongest possible terms the attack against Syria where Russia military personnel are assisting the legitimate government in counterterrorism efforts.”

Russia, who has strong interest and is a strong ally to Syria, warned in advance against such aggressions by the United States. And with Trump’s betrayal of Putin, political analyst Mark Levin believes this military strike seals any speculation of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia that the media and Democrats have been obsessing about for several months.

In response to the Syrian missile-strikes, Levin put the Russian collusion narrative to rest with a 9-word witty remark. Levin simply said:

“Doesn’t look like our president is colluding with Russia”

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Levin then gave his praise to Trump for carrying out the attacks on the disgraceful regime. Levin said:

“Congratulations to the great United States military! And well done to our Commander-in-Chief!”

Earlier this morning President Trump declared the Syrian precision strikes as being a “Mission Accomplished” and praised the military, as well as the UK and France for their assistance. You can read more on Trump’s reaction HERE.

In recent days, the media has had one heck of a time trying to keep the Russian collusion narrative alive, as more details and leaks continue to pour out. And the latest strikes to a Russian ally will tarnish the narrative, which was based on a fake dossier, even more. As a result, we can only suspect liberal media will shift completely into focusing on the ridiculous Stormy Daniels story.

Hats off to Levin for pointing out the obvious!

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We leave you with video of one of Levin’s greatest ever smackdowns of the idea of Russian collusion:

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  1. Here’s what we all know to be true! Obama and Hillary along with, Mueller sold our uranium to Russia, without a blink of an eye. Ok now Obama gave billions to Iran, Russia’s ally. And now look what is going on and to remind you before this all took place that Muslim piece of trash is doing a fake tour in the middle east. If I were president trump, I would immediately arrest all 3 of them ASAP.

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