COMICAL ASSESSMENT: See What Is Preferable To Clinton’s Commencement Speech

Mark Steyn roasts Clinton's Yale commencement speech. Image credit to US4Trump screen captures from Tucker Carlson Show.Mark Steyn roasts Clinton's Yale commencement speech. Image credit to US4Trump screen captures from Tucker Carlson Show.

Mark Steyn, a political commentator, had serious jokes about Hillary Clinton’s “World Bitterness Tour” according to Tucker Carlson! This is a DON’T MISS hilarious take on the Clinton commencement speech at Yale University.

Hillary show cases a Russian hat and quips, “If you can’t beat them. Join them.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Moreover,  Mark Steyn ROASTS her with the most hilarious one liners in political comedy! He makes suggestions where the hat came from and discusses Chelsea’s speech compared to her mother’s.

“We don’t cover Hillary Clinton because she is sad and we feel sorry for her. For real,” Tucker begins the segment, then continues, “of course, we can never beat author and columnist, Mark Steyn at analyzing this speaking tour. So we’re outsourcing it to him! Our hands are clean. We’re not being mean to Hillary Clinton who deserves our pity. We’re letting Mark Steyn explain it for us!”

Furthermore, in a hilarious show down, Steyn does NOT disappoint!

Steyn begins with, “I love the way that Hillary is now doing visual comedy!” He then comments that “I like it when you do a visual gag. That you explain it, what you’re meant to find funny about it, to the audience, beforehand!” So when she said, ‘this is a Russian hat’.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“I think Vladimir Putin should make her Chief Kommisar with State approved jokes in Moscow. I think she’s eminently qualified for it.”

“By the way, I do actually think this is the actual Russian hat, that Russian intelligence agents left the Fusion GPS dossier under. For Christopher Steele to find in a Men’s room on the Kutuzovsky prospekt in Moscow.”

Steyn quips, “It’s not normally MI6 trade-craft to take the hat, but he thought it might make a nice souvenir for Chelsea. Unfortunately – she’d already been given one by the Uranium One guy, so she gave this Russian hat to her Mother which is very thoughtful.” The laughter can be heard studio wide at this point. Steyn is brilliant! (VIDEO BELOW.)

Then Mark brought fashion and the Royal wedding into it, he says “Like many women at the Royal wedding on Saturday, she made a poor headgear choice for the occasion,” referring to Clinton’s Russian hat for a Yale commencement speech!

In ending, Mark suggests Chelsea’s commencement speech on “diarrhea” was “more seemly and appropriate.” And Tucker agrees, “and less dirty.”

HILARIOUS! WATCH MARK STEYN segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight:

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