Brennan Fires Another Shot At Trump, Fitton Instantly Makes It Backfire

Brennan tweets threat to POUTS upon release of documents. Image credit to US4Trump screen grab enhancement.Brennan tweets threat to POUTS upon release of documents. Image credit to US4Trump screen grab enhancement.

John Brennan, former CIA Director during the corrupt Obama years has been on twitter showing how scared he is of the information that is coming to light. And boy oh boy did his tweet backfire!

Moreover, Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch retweets Brennan’s desperate threat. Also, what fellow Patriot’s have to say about Brennan will make you proud to be an American! (MORE BELOW)

“Yet another disturbing Trump attack from Obama’s CIA Director,” Fitton tweets. Late last month Brennan tweets another threat to undermine the duly elected President of the United States. Click here to read all about it.

America’s watch dog then continues and states, “this one suggesting the removal of from office. Any doubt Mr. Brennan would have been willing to break the rules to keep Trump out of office–?”

See tweet below:

Moreover, to think that Inspector General Michael Horowitz could find no bias during the Obama era! It is glaringly apparent, as Fitton points out, the former CIA Director was completely biased against our duly elected POTUS. Brennan is anti-capitalism. (MORE BELOW)

Brennan’s tweet backfires!

Furthermore, the American people upon learning of Brennan’s raging insult to America and her people came to the rescue. In these patriotic tweets, Elaine says, “I am amazed that everything that comes out of Brennan’s mouth sounds exactly like he is describing himself and the Democratic Party.”

Also, “Brennan’s fear comes through this tweets. I believe he will be found out for all of his shenanigans.” What exactly are those shenanigans? A few informed American’s seem to have the same idea. One tweets, “Mr. Brennan needs to be watched very closely. He’s probably one of the key principles.” (MORE BELOW.)

Additionally, someone tweets about the now famous text “Vive Le Resistance.” It has yet to be released who texted that. An American suggests, “Brennan was running Viva le Resistance.”

And then a Keep America Great patriot recaps, “A communist spy as the head of the CIA, what could possibly be wrong with that picture… in a time where “we the people” thought we were holding the line outside of our government agencies… political affiliation didn’t matter within the CIA…”

See tweets below:

In closing, tell us what you think of the former CIA Director tweeting openly hostile threats of impeachment towards the current POTUS. Also, hit the subscribe button below for more!