Red Cross Makes Morning Joe Eat Dirt After Spewing Another False Claim About Trump

Morning Joe Screen Shot and American Red Cross

It’s been more than obvious that Joe Scarborough and his co-pilot Mika Brzezinski are out to make President Trump look bad, no matter how they have to twist information that comes their way.

And this tactic was used, yet again, after American Red Cross sent out a tweet regarding the crisis at the border. Only this time, Morning Joe got his foot caught in his mouth after the Red Cross indirectly called him out on his shady trick. See Below

A few days ago, The Red Cross tweeted out a statement that said, “We share everyone’s concern about the border situation and stand ready to help. We have offered assistance to federal gov’t authorities, but without permission, we can’t access facilities.”

Red Cross then provided a link to “trusted organizations providing assistance.”

Joe Scarborough, however, used the opportunity to twist its implications negatively towards Trump.

Surprise, Surprise! See Below

Regarding the statement made by Red Cross, Scarborough fired off a shot that immediately backfired after Red Cross smacked him upside the head.

Morning Joe said:

“Trump’s Centralized State is even banning the Red Cross from visiting those infants and toddlers being incarcerated by Trump. What do Trump and Pence have to hide?” See Below

And the Red Cross fired back.

American Red Cross responded to Joe’s twist of facts with:

“Please note we’ve had discussions with federal officials to see if there is a way we can help, but no one is “banning” us from anything, and if there is a role for the Red Cross to play, we will.”

“We have been in contact at many different levels of the Administration to offer our help with the border situation. Officials have welcomed and appreciated the discussions, understand our capabilities, and know that Red Cross help is available.” See Official Tweets Below

The Red Cross made Morning Joe Eat Dirt!

It’s wonderful Red Cross was there to stop Morning Joe in his tracks before he continued on to push the false narrative that he initially incurred!

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