Bernie Sanders Likely Pulling His Hair Out After Reading The Results Of A New Millennial Poll

Reuters-IPSOS poll shows voters age 18-34 leaving the Democratic party. Image credit to US4Trump with Town Hall, John Silvercloud/FLICKR.Reuters-IPSOS poll shows voters age 18-34 leaving the Democratic party. Image credit to US4Trump with Town Hall, John Silvercloud/FLICKR.

If you were born in between 1984 and the year 2000, you are proudly in the Millennial group! And, guess what? Your vote matters.

The millennial vote is a strong pull for both the Democrats and the Republicans. (MORE BELOW.)

A recent poll has VERY bad news for the Democrats.

Reuters-IPSOS polled sixteen thousand online Millennial registered voters.

The poll found discourganing news for the Democrats. “Voters ages 18 to 34 shows their support for Democrats over Republicans for Congress slipped by about 9 percentage points over the past two years, to 46 percent overall. And they increasingly say the Republican Party is a better steward of the economy.”

 The bottom line, Democrats are losing the Millennial voters. (MORE BELOW.)

With savvy and strong young Republican voices like Candace OwensTerrence Williams and Louder with Crowder it’s no wonder the Republicans are picking up votes from ALL American’s, including the millennial’s.

Especially after the way the DNC ousted Sanders for Clinton. It’s obvious the Bernie voters are shifting toward the Republicans.

The Washington Post reports, “In the 2016 campaign, Sanders won more votes among those under age 30 than the two presumptive major-party presidential nominees combined. And it wasn’t close.

Bernie had a majority of the young voters ready to vote him into the Oval office during the 2016 Presidential cycle. Yet, after the scandalous way the DNC ousted him for Hillary – the millennial’s have their eyes wide open now.

Their eyes are especially wide open when they peer into their paychecks and see those crumbs reflected in their bank accounts. And they know it is due to the Republican tax cuts. And not one Democrat voted for the Tax Cuts.

Reuter’s reports: 

Terry Hood, 34, an African-American who works at a Dollar General store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and took this year’s poll, said he voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

But he will consider a Republican for Congress because he believes the party is making it easier to find jobs and he applauds the recent Republican-led tax cut.

“It sounds strange to me to say this about the Republicans, but they’re helping with even the small things,” Hood said in a phone interview. “They’re taking less taxes out of my paycheck. I notice that.”

Moreover, with many young voters moving over to the Republicans and joining the #WalkAwayCampaign, it’s still no time for the RED WAVE to rest on it’s laurels. We must still get out and vote in the Midterms!

Patricia writes, “I have been raised a democrat my whole life. My entire family is. I was always told that Republicans only care about rich people so I just followed suit [and] I voted for Kerry and Obama twice. I was a Bernie supporter when the 2016 campaigns started.” (Continued below.)

She continues, “Then once it came down to Hillary and Trump I really started to pay attention, I listened to what they were saying not just what the news said they were saying and I woke up! I started doing my own research and really digging in, I discovered people like Ben Shapiro who had nothing but facts and statistics going back generations on the left.” 

In ending she says, “I realized I had been fooled my whole life. Voted Trump 2016 and have caught nothing but anger from family members, even being told that Trump supporters like me are brainwashed and following a cult. I#walkedaway and will never go back!”

In ending, do you plan and getting out the vote during the 2018 mid terms in your State? Drop a comment below and join the conversation!