Rudy Giuliani Wakes Sessions From His Deep Sleep With An Alarming SOS

Although collusion is not a criminal act, certainly it is a distasteful concept.

Especially, since the Obama-era practiced it so openly and with such great bias in all of the branches of Government in the United States of America.

Recently, after five years, the Obama-era IRS has now legally admitted to have weaponized and targeted Tea Party groups.

Obama can no longer have truth in his words when in an address in February, he spouted “there were mistakes. We’d screw up, but there wasn’t anything venal during eight years.

Was there bribery, though?

The American people have the right to know the truth. Is it time for the investigators to be investigated?

Shouldn’t the history books show the depth of corruption that occurred during Obama’s eight long years? How long can the left continue to protect him?

According to Dan Bongino, former secret service man, not too much longer. Especially, if the American people demand answers.

Dan recently tweeted, “The evidence of collusion between people with deep ties to the Clinton team, and the Democrat Party, is now overwhelming. Pretending otherwise makes you either willingly blind or unwillingly ignorant.” 

Dan made an excellent comparison and Rudy told WE THE PEOPLE the specifics in an RT!

At this point, if you do not know about the dirty dossier being paid for by the Clinton team via Fusion GPS and the DNC attorney’s Perkins-Coie, then you’re just not willing to know the truth.

And if you cannot ‘see’ that Nellie, the FBI wife to Bruce Ohr, worked with Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele who admittedly did not verify the dirty dossier, long after the FBI retired him then you don’t want to see the truth.

And in turn, if you don’t know the dirty dossier was used to gain a FISA warrant to spy on American, Carter Page, to glean information regarding the Trump campaign then as Dan says, you are ‘either willingly blind or unwillingly ignorant’.

This corrupt band of Obama administrators started a Mueller special counsel to continue to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump. A President who was lawfully voted in by the people of the United States of America.

It is, after all, the exact technique applied in the IRS scandal where they targeted Tea Party groups. Except this time – the target – was then-candidate Donald J. Trump. And conspiracy was the game.

President Trump’s personal attorney, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani responds to Bongino and calls on AG JEFF SESSIONS. 

Rudy re-tweets (RT) Dan and adds, “Maybe it’s time for Attorney General Sessions to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the conspiracy to defeat Donald Trump by buying and disseminating false dossiers, obtaining illegal wires and commencing baseless FBI investigations.” 

Yes. It’s time, AG Sessions. 

See tweets below.

In ending, is it time, Patriots? Is it time to investigate the investigators? Is it time to contact the DOJ and tell them we want a SECOND special counsel? Click here to tell Sessions what you would like to see.