Pres Trump Fires A Shot That Will Have Kasich Pouting In Fetal Position

John Kasich is still disgracefully living in the year 2016. You know, the year that he got manhandled by Donald Trump in the primaries and suffered from denial, thinking he had a shot to win the Republican nomination for President. All while winning a total of 1 state?

Well, sadly Kasich’s Anti-Trump behavior has not left him and has lingered into 2018. And President Trump finally did what he had to do, zipping him up for good. See Below

As everyone already knows, Ohio had a crucial special election for a congressional seat given up by Republican Rep. Pat Tibiri, who resigned to work for a business group.

Democrat funding flooded in to Ohio’s 12th district in a surprise effort to help Democrat incumbant Danny O’Connor potentially win the seat over Republican Troy Balderson. Democrats hoped an upset win would spark their theorized Blue Wave that still is yet to be seen.

And Trump’s Republican nemesis, AKA Ohio Governor and Former Presidential Nominee John Kasich, was seen indirectly rooting for O’Connor to win and bad-mouthing the public’s view of the GOP.

But President Trump came through with a high-energy rally beforehand, which was enough to allow Balderson to squeak by for a BIG win over Democrats. And as a result, Trump finally broke his silence on Republican-failure Kasich with a Monday surprise knock down. See Below

Directing his attention to Kasich over Balderson’s victory, Trump tweeted:

“The very unpopular Governor of Ohio (and failed presidential candidate) @JohnKasich hurt Troy Balderson’s recent win by tamping down enthusiasm for an otherwise great candidate. Even Kasich’s Lt. Governor lost Gov. race because of his unpopularity. Credit to Troy on the BIG WIN!”

See Below

President Trump’s Official Tweet

Take That Kasich!

What does Kasich expect after all of his Anti-Republican antics we have seen since the election. He might as well label himself a Democrat since his charades against our Republican President mock that of those on the left.

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And the come from behind victory by Balderson is nothing but a stark reminder to Kasich that Trump was the right guy for President as far as the Republican Party is concerned.

In other words, Kasich got completely sunk by the red wave!

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