Chuck Grassley’s Major Position Flip Has Sessions Seeing The Writing On The Wall

In an interview that aired early Thursday, President Trump made new waves when he flirted with the possibility of replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions for reasons of his own displeasure.

It wasn’t too long after the interview that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham gave a green light for such a shake up to happen, despite Sessions releasing a statement defending his job thus far. Graham, however, was not the only senator to back the potential firing of Sessions, as Senator Chuck Grassley made a surprise announcement during an interview.

Senator Grassley, who is also the Senate Judiciary Chairman, has long been opposed to the idea of Sessions being fired.

But that all changed Thursday as Grassley appears to have flipped positions on the issue.

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According to a report by Bloomberg, Grassley was interviewed on his thoughts about Trump’s remarks. The Iowa Senator said “he’d be able to make time for hearings for a new attorney general after saying in the past that the panel was too busy to tackle that explosive possibility,” as per the report. Continued Below

Grassley declined to comment on whether or not he thinks President Trump will follow through with firing Sessions, but is quoted as saying:

“I do have time for hearings on nominees that the president might send up here that I didn’t have last year.”

The words muttered by Grassley on top of the comments made by Senator Graham definitely signal that Republican leaders are losing patience and growing weary on Sessions’ handling of his position as AG. Video Below

Special Counsel Bob Mueller is able to freely move about his expensive and over-reaching investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign with no bounds. All while Sessions sits on his hands and watches everything play out.

What’s most disturbing of it all is the amount of corruption that has been uncovered and is the base that the Witch Hunt was built on in the first place.

Sessions was appointed in part to drain the swamp, but now it appears he is only enabling it. And if he doesn’t shape up, Trump now is being given a clearer path to make Sessions pay the ultimate price!

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Do you think Sessions should be fired after the midterms? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts! We leave you with our President’s latest thoughts on Sessions: