Trump Blasts More Sense Into Sessions With A Friday REALITY BOMB

President Trump was up early Friday and was ready to continue his push for Jeff Sessions to finally wake up and smell the coffee!

Sessions responded to the President’s interview on Thursday after Trump voiced his disgust with Sessions’ handling of the DOJ as the Witch Hunt continues to press on. The President hinted Sessions is in the hot seat if he doesn’t take necessary action in coming months.

In a statement, that can be fully read HERE, Sessions defended himself, saying he has fulfilled much of President Trump’s agenda, but he will not let the Department of Justice “be improperly influenced by political considerations.”

This statement was not good enough for the Trump along with other Republicans who indirectly gave the green light to the President to pursue replacing Sessions after the midterms.

And now, this morning, President Trump took a moment to knock more sense into Sessions in a response to the Attorney General’s statement released on Thursday. See Below

Here is President Trump’s full Friday morning response to AG Sessions:

“Department of Justice will not be improperly influenced by political considerations.” Jeff, this is GREAT, what everyone wants, so look into all of the corruption on the “other side” including deleted Emails, Comey lies & leaks, Mueller conflicts, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Ohr…

….FISA abuse, Christopher Steele & his phony and corrupt Dossier, the Clinton Foundation, illegal surveillance of Trump Campaign, Russian collusion by Dems – and so much more. Open up the papers & documents without redaction? Come on Jeff, you can do it, the country is waiting!

Ex-NSA contractor to spend 63 months in jail over “classified” information. Gee, this is “small potatoes” compared to what Hillary Clinton did! So unfair Jeff, Double Standard. See Below

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Boom! If that doesn’t wake up Sessions, nothing will!

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In ending, do you think Sessions should be replaced after the midterms if he continues to enable the swamp and their Witch Hunt against the President? Scroll down below and let us know your thoughts!