DOJ Breaks Silence On Carter Page, Issues A Demand That Proves Dems Are In Their Back Pocket

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch and America’s watch dog is hard at work exposing the TRUTH for the American people about how Carter Page was spied upon by our Government.

In his weekly update, Fitton stated “most recently we have incoming information about the way the FISA court are operating and it’s bad news.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Judicial Watch filed a new Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit on behalf of General Flynn.

“We have a lawsuit for records about the infamous FISA court proceeding related to General Flynn and Carter Page,” Fitton told America in his weekly update.

“Now, the Government has told us they can’t confirm or deny anything has happened as it relates to General Flynn, but they did confirm …as relates to the President’s brave decision to declassify documents related to Carter Page materials earlier this year,” the Page FISA records.” Fitton said.

The historic FISA warrants for Carter Page are really about targeting Donald Trump. (VIDEO BELOW.)

This is a HUGE win for America, and to see the newly released FISA Page warrant application’s for yourself click here from the Judicial Watch Press Room.

Judicial Watch asked for the transcripts on the FISA applications. DOJ and FISA stonewall.

Fitton said, “We asked for the transcripts. The Justice Department initially told us there were no transcripts.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Tom Fitton and his team did the next best thing and after filing a motion with the FISA court a few weeks ago, JW asked them to release transcripts. Then, he informed America, “we haven’t heard from them.”

The DOJ Breaks Their Silence.

“Finally, the Justice Department late last night filed a brief on our case suing for these records and this is what they disclosed to Judicial Watch……..” The President of Judicial Watch told America.

Fitton took out his glasses and read, “The National Security Division of the Justice Department of FOIA consulted the Office of Intelligence …to identify and locate records responsive to Carter Page.”

He continued, “the Office of Intelligence has determined that there were no records – electronic or paper – responsive to [the] FOIA request with regard to Carter Page.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

“The Office of intelligence further confirmed that the foreign surveillance court considered the Page warrant applications based upon written submissions.” Fitton added.

Meaning, it did NOT hold any hearings to spy on Page or rather the Trump campaign.

Legitimately, the process by the secret court who has the power to spy on any American citizen, “RUBBER STAMPED spying on the Trump campaign,” Fitton said.

WATCH BELOW as Tom Fitton informed America of the Freedom of Information Act lawsuits:


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