BUSTED: What Was Just EXPOSED Will Have Page & Strzok Sweating Bullets

Judge Napolitano joined Fox News today and discussed the legal issues surrounding the newly released “media leak strategy” text from Strzok and Page.

Brian Kilmeade of Fox News said, “the couple, apparently, were involved in a scheme to leak stories to the press.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

The text is flashed across the screen.

The text from Peter to his lover, Lisa Page reads:

“I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go.”

Photo courtesy of screen capture on Fox News video by US4Trump.

Photo courtesy of screen capture on Fox News video by US4Trump.

Fox News then asked Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Napolitano, about the ramifications from the newly released text. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Napolitano answered, “The U.S. Government is the best leaker in the world. They do this when they want to TARGET a person.”

Rhetorically, he asked “Who did they target?” Then answered with, “Their BOSS. The President of the United States.” 

He explained, “leaking information to the press and then using the press sources as a basis to get a FISA warrant.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Napolitano is NOT a fan of the FISA court.

Napolitano said that because there is no scrutiny in FISA – it’s so secret – that 99.97 percent of the requests are rubber stamped.

Is leaking to the media a crime? Are Strzok and Page in legal jeopardy?

Judge Napolitano said, “This is obviously the WRONG way for the FBI to conduct law enforcement.

“Is it a crime? It depends on what they leak. If they leak secrets – grand jury information – they can be prosecuted,” the Judge told the Fox News panel. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Brian Kilmeade then comes in with a strong closing and said, “He [Carter Page] might sue.

The Judge answered in the affirmative, “Yes.

WATCH the blockbuster reveal below! 

In closing, are you surprised to see this level of corruption?