During His Interview, Pompeo Fires A Stark Warning To Those Who Defy Trump’s Agenda

Wednesday night, Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, joined Laura Ingraham in an exclusive interview where they discussed a number of topics.

One of which was the release of a video from Project Veritas and the “resistance.” (Video Below)

During his interview with Laura Ingraham, the Secretary of State delivered a sound response to the resistance crew or anyone working in government that goes against President Trump’s agenda.

Laura Ingraham played a clip from the newly released Project Veritas video that shows an employee working for the State Department and bragging about working for the Democrat Socialists of America. Basically, it shows the employee undermining the Trump Administration.

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(Video Below)

Laura asked the Secretary of State upon the video, if it was a sign of more problems of an internal resistance to this administration, if he was concerned about it, and what next into this investigation of this particular employee?

Pompeo explained that he couldn’t speak about the particular case but assured his team is aware and taking a look at it.

“Step back for a minute. Here is my commitment to President Trump and the American people… every single person working at the United States Department of State will be on President Trump’s mission.” He said without a doubt. (Video Below)

During His Interview, Pompeo Fires A Stark Warning To Those Who Defy Trump’s Agenda

“At the end of the day we have a single foreign policy that we’re executing, and it’s the foreign policy that President Trump is directing. I want every person, all across the United States government, to understand he is our leader, and we all need to be on the same team.” Pompeo stated.

Laura asked Pompeo, “But they shouldn’t be in this administration if you’re going to be working against the administration. They should go find another job, don’t you think?”

Without hesitation, Pompeo agreed, “Absolutely!”

“If this is a mission in which you can’t sign up for, it’s time to go do something else with your time. Thank you for your service, but we need to be delivering for this President!” Pompeo declared.

Watch Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sound off below:



If you’re not on board, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

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