On Her Day Big Of Reckoning, Nellie Ohr Makes A Senseless Mistake

It all started late August, when the little known DOJ lawyer testified to Congress about his involvement with the Steele dossier.

It was confirmed that day on Capitol Hill that Bruce Ohr was basically, the lynch pin between the FBI, the dirty dossier, Fusion GPS and the DOJ. (MORE BELOW.) 

On the day he testified – he implicated his wife who worked for Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS is the company that was paid to do opposition research on then candidate-Trump. And Nellie Ohr worked for them.

The liaison had been established under testimony. Congress then sought to speak with Nellie Ohr under oath.

Specifically, today was the day Nellie was suppose to show up to answer questions regarding her involvement in the whole sordid dirty dossier scandal.

But. Her scheduled time of 10:00 a.m on Capitol Hill – came and went. And no Nellie Ohr. A room full of lawmakers and no-one to question. (MORE BELOW.) 

Time to roll out the subpoenas.

The next step, of course will be for Congress to subpoena her. Nellie Ohr not showing up is just another stall tactic for the cover-up crew.

So what is it that Nellie Ohr might say that the embattled Democrats don’t want out and transparent?

The day after Bruce was questioned, President Trump tweeted, “Wow, Nellie Ohr, Bruce Ohr’s wife, is a Russia expert who is fluent in Russian. She worked for Fusion GPS where she was paid a lot. Collusion! Bruce was a boss at the Department of Justice and is, unbelievably, still there!” (MORE BELOW.) 

Nellie Ohr’s husband did the unconscionable and Nellie folded under the pressure.

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) had tweeted “It’s now obvious that the FBI knew but didn’t tell the Court: 

-About Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s involvement.

-About Christopher Steele’s extreme bias against President Trump.

And that the Clinton campaign paid for the Dossier.”

In a special report tweet, Hannity said of Nellie’s fate, “***BREAKING: Day After Bruce Ohr’s Testimony, Congress Seeks to Question His Wife.” (MORE BELOW.) 

Then, Sean attached an article from Sara A. Carter where she cites, “numerous congressional sources are telling SaraACarter.com that after Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr’s explosive closed-door testimony on Tuesday, lawmakers are gearing up to call his wife, Nellie Ohr, in for questioning regarding her work with the now-embattled research firm, Fusion GPS.

Additionally, Sara added, “Congress is also seeking access to Bruce Ohr’s text messages and emails with top FBI officials.”

Today, Fox News reported, “The Ohrs’ role has become a key focus for Republican congressional investigators. They first alleged in the January 2018 House Intelligence Committee FISA memo that Ohr was the backchannel for Steele after he was fired by the bureau in November 2016 over his contacts with the media.”

See tweets below: