Sarah Palin Drops A Major Hint That Wins Her Free Rent In Murkowski’s Head

Sarah Palin who is a fierce GOP dynamo dropped a big HINT on America today!

This afternoon she delivered a message to Senator Lisa Murkowski that will give her something to THINK about! (MORE BELOW.) 

Sarah Palin drops a BOMB on Lisa Murkowski!

Murkowski who is a registered Republican in the State of Alaska voted against Kavanaugh in cloture vote today.

The cloture vote decides whether or not the Supreme Court nominee should go on to the full vote on the Senate floor.

Murkowski is the Republican Senator for Alaska. And she voted AGAINST Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh moved forward 51 to 49 despite Murkowski’s negative vote.

Alaska resoundingly voted for President Trump in the 2016 election to defeat Hillary Clinton. Trump picked up ALL of the Alaskan electoral votes and won by 51.3% to Hillary’s 36.6% of the votes. (MORE BELOW.) 

Target sited! Palin lands six little words directly on Murkowski’s campaign!

Mike Huckabee sent a tweet and perhaps Sarah was answering his plea! He tweeted, “Dear friends in Alaska GOP: Do you think you could send a REPUBLICAN Senator to DC? The one you sent named Lisa is a reliable vote for Schumer, Feinstein and the “resistance” and we could sure use one who wants to save our Constitutional Republic.”

Poking fun at her own comment years ago that the media totally misconstrued, Sarah targeted Lisa Murkowski and said, “I can see 2022 from my house…”

In ending, does this mean Sarah might be considering a run against Lisa Murkowski in 2020 since Murkowski keeps voting with the Democrats ?  (MORE BELOW.) 

See tweets below: