Top FBI Lawyer’s Testimony Sends Rosenstein Sinking In A Deeper Mess

Meanwhile, over at the Department of Justice. A Grand Jury investigation is being conducted on the former FBI and DOJ scandals.

Specifically, it is about if McCabe misled officials regarding the 2016 media leaks and who authorized them. Sara Carter is keeping America informed and she has a very interesting story to tell. (MORE BELOW.)

Former second in command to James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is under Grand Jury investigation. 

Since McCabe is under investigation, it means that others can be called to testify.

People like James Comey and Loretta Lynch. Currently, James Baker who was the top FBI lawyer at the time – was called to testify and in the HOT seat.

And what James Baker had to say spelled certain DOOM for current Attorney Deputy General, Rod Rosenstein. (Continued below.)

It was discovered per Sara Carter that, “Baker said he met with former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former FBI attorney Lisa Page shortly after their meeting with Rosenstein in May, 2017.”

Moreover, “He told lawmakers that McCabe, Page and Rosenstein had discussed the possibility of secretly recording President Trump,” Sara reported.

“Baker, who was the top lawyer for the FBI and a close confidant of Comey, noted that he was not in the meeting with Rosenstein. A source with direct knowledge of the testimony claims Baker testified that “Andy McCabe, Lisa Page took seriously what Rosenstein had said, and when they returned to the office, the three of them discussed the possibility of secretly recording Trump,” per Sara Carter. (Continued below.) 

President Trump meets Rod Rosenstein on Air Force One to see what’s up.

On Air Force One, en route to Orlando, FL, “White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told reporters the president talked to Rosenstein for “roughly 30 minutes” — and confirmed that “yes,” Rosenstein still has his job in the administration,” per Fox News.

“On the tarmac in Orlando, Trump said the conversation with Rosenstein was ‘great!’” reported Fox News. It’s probably better to let Rosenstein finish up his investigation on the Russia collusion and let him leave on his own accord after the 2018 midterm elections.

However, Rosenstein is not out of the woods yet. He will be meeting with House Republican committees on his comments about wanting to wire tap the President and possibly invoke the 25th amendment.