With Less Than Two Weeks To Go, Trump & Republicans Get A Pair Of Key Statistical Gains

NBC and the Wall Street Journal conducted a Presidential approval poll. And also a poll about who America would like to see lead Congress after the midterms.

It’s a mixed bag of results and the bottom line is: VOTE REPUBLICAN on NOVEMBER 6th.  (VIDEO BELOW.)

Results are IN from the NBC/WSJ poll.

USA Today reported, “the poll found that 47 percent of respondents approve of the job Trump is doing as President.”

Additionally, the “same poll found him with a 39 percent approval rating six months ago,” and that is a 9% jump!

Interestingly, “50 percent said they would prefer a Democrat-controlled Congress.” And “41 percent would like to see the Republicans keep their majority.”

But “the poll found that Democrats’ advantage disappeared in the most competitive districts. In the hotly contested races, the party preference numbers are closer to even, the Journal reported,” per USA Today(VIDEO BELOW.)

President Trump listed the WINNING Republican ticket issues and WHY the RED WAVE could happen with YOUR help.

In the rally Monday night in Houston, Texas – President Trump outlined exactly why you might want to get out and vote for the midterms on November 6th. Or early vote for a less crowded experience!

If you are a Republican, President Trump has laid out a blue print of why you want to VOTE RED ON NOV. 6th. Click here to check your registration in YOUR State on the official website.

He said to the crowd at the Toyota Center which held almost twenty thousand, “If you vote to elect a Republican House and a Republican Senate. We will continue to cut your taxes, cut your regulations, raise your income, help your jobs, take care of your medical problems!”  (VIDEO BELOW.)

President Trump continued the reasons to VOTE RED.

He didn’t stop there though, he said, “We will protect medicare and social security. The Democrats will never be able to do it.”

Then in a dramatic statement he said the one thing that separates America from other Countries. He said, “We will defend the SECOND AMENDMENT.”

President Trump continued, “And we will continue to confirm great Judges who will abide by our laws and our Constitution.” The crowd erupted in loud cheers.

He said, “we will fully secure our borders, we will pass Kate’s law.” Again more cheers from the patriotic audience. (VIDEO BELOW.)

President Trump continued, “We will stop sanctuary cities. We will stop Visa lottery, we will end chain migration.”  

“And we will keep the criminal drug dealers, predators and terrorists, the HELL out of our COUNTRY,” he ended.

The crowd cheered with YAY’S so loud it may have raised the roof that held close to twenty thousand President Trump supporters who are ready to VOTE RED. Are you ready to VOTE RED?

Watch the Video below: