In A Wild Twist, Trump’s Caravan Stance Gains Traction From None Other Than Obama

President Trump campaigned on law and order, along with securing our border, building the wall, and fixing our immigration laws.

With all the manufactured outrage coming from the left and Democrats open border ideology, they make President Trump out to be a terrible person for wanting to enforce our laws and keep America safe. (Video Below)

On Tuesday evening, President Trump tweeted a video of Senator Barack Obama slamming illegal immigration while adding that the United States cannot let unvetted people enter the country.

The video clip is from December 15, 2005 and Obama stated, “We are a generous and welcoming people here in the United States but those that enter the country illegally and those that employ them disrespect the rule of law and they are showing disregard for those who are following the law.” 

He added, “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.

(Video Below)

President Trump tweeted the video as thousands of people are heading to the United States southern border. (Related Article: After Geraldo Suggests We Let The Caravan In, Gorka Teaches Him A Swift Lesson)

He wrote on twitter with the video, “I agree with President Obama 100%!”

(Video Below)


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