Reporter Accuses Trump Of Being A Racist To His Face, Instantly Regrets It

Jim Acosta who is the White House reporter for CNN, was in the Oval Office for a presser with the President of the United States on Tuesday.

The President of the United States owned Jim Acosta as Jim tried to push his narrative that the President is a racist. (Video Below.)

Fresh off of a successful rally in Texas, President Trump addresses the Press Corps in the Oval Office.

No-one pushes Trump around! Especially not crybaby Acosta! While in the Oval Office, Jim fires off his question after the Trump rally in Houston, Texas last night.

Jim blurted out, “If you could just settle some of the confusion over your comments about what you mean when you say you are a ‘Nationalist’?”

President Trump looked Jim squarely in the eyes and said, “I love our country.”

“Our country has taken second fiddle. If you look at the trade deals, I am knocking out some of the worse deals I have ever seen. We give them our wealth and they don’t treat us properly. And we are taking care of their military for a fraction of the cost,” he told Jim who kept talking. (Video Below.)

Trump OWNS the reporter – Jim Acosta – in the Oval Office.

Acosta whined, “Can I ask my follow-up question?” Perhaps Acosta should have said “may” instead of “can” and been a bit more civil.

The President of the United States said, “No, not now. I will get back to you. You can’t take the whole thing. We have a number of other fine reporters.” Then he turned his attention to the others in the Oval office and Jim simmered down.

Later, “Acosta was eventually able to ask his follow-up later in the press spray. It was about if the word “nationalist” meant “white nationalist.” Trump shut down Acosta again, saying he has never heard of that,” as reported by the Daily Caller. (Video Below.)


h/t Daily Caller