Chris Wallace DESTROYS Shepard Smith After He Blames Trump For Package Attacks

This is a MUST watch…Chris Wallace completely DESTROYS Shepard Smith on Fox News today.

Shep – as he is sometimes referred as – was going with the hard left narrative that President Trump was to blame for the attempted mail delivered by Cesar Sayoc to Democratic players. (VIDEO BELOW.)


Shep started out by stating that President Trump is to blame and it is a “fools folly” basically, “to ignore the elephant in the room.”

Chris’ face lit up and he dug in and said, “it’s really incorrect to hold the President responsible – either by implication – or – directly – responsible for the misdeeds of a psychopath or a sociopath.”

And in true liberal style, Shep tried to deflect away from the truth by denying it. He said, “No-one did that. And – don’t say I did.”

Then Shep tried to defend himself. Shep said, “All I said was, when the rhetoric gets loud. The crazies come out sometime.” (VIDEO BELOW.)

Chris Wallace took Shep to the cleaners!

Chris pointed out that Shep made a “cause and effect” statement. Shep lost that round and the dejected look on his face is enough to make you laugh.

Shep continued with the idea that it is the Republican’s who are divisive. So Wallace brought out the final nail for Shep’s coffin.

He reminded everyone about the Bernie supporter who shot up the Republican’s at the baseball practice where Scalise was targeted. (VIDEO BELOW.)

Shepherd Smith is responsible for continuing the divisiveness.

Wallace drove his point home, “you can’t hold Bernie Sanders responsible …I don’t hold him responsible any more than I hold President Trump responsible.”

Shep kept it up and he said, “at the time the Bernie Sanders stuff was going on – people said it then, too.”

Wallace laid down the final blow “And it was WRONG then….and it’s WRONG now.” BOOM!  (VIDEO BELOW.)

WATCH as Wallace easily bests Shep. Update: USANews007 has been suspended by Twitter. See NEW video below.