In A Matter Of Seconds, Pence Connects The Caravan Dots Straight Back To The Left

Vice President Pence has a message for the illegal immigrants marching to our southern border. VP Pence also tells America who organized this migration invasion and why.

In a tell-all segment with Fox News, Peter Doocy caught up to Vice President Pence on his way to Yuma on the heliport tarmac. This is a MUST WATCH interview. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

VP Pence tells it like it is with FACTS about the left’s involvement with the caravan.

The Vice President is not messing around. And he told Americans exactly who organized this caravan. Initially, Pence told Doocy,  “millions of American’s know we have a crisis at our southern border.

This caravan that was organized by leftist organizations in Honduras – then made it’s way through Guatemala,’ Vice President Pence told America.

He continued connecting the dots and said, “Now, thousands of people trying to come up the thousand mile journey through Mexico for the purpose of violating our laws and coming into this country illegally – IS JUST UNACCEPTABLE.” 

Later in the interview he said, “this is not a spontaneous caravan of vulnerable people. But it was organized by human traffickers and leftist groups. That are in effect taking vulnerable people…to make a political point and challenge the sovereignty and the territory of the United States.”  (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Vice President sends a message to the caravan organizers/participants and the American people.

“The President and I have made it clear. We will NOT allow it. And we’re going to take steps necessary to secure our border and enforce our laws. And  our message to those in the caravan is: RETURN HOME.” 

“Our message to the American people is this caravan is a reminder of a crisis in illegal immigration that is driven by laws the human traffickers actually use to entice people to make a long and DANGEROUS journey North.”

Specifically, the proposed laws to make immigration better have been “blocked by the liberals. The 60 vote margin that the President talks about all the time has prevented us from taking up this issue. Democrats are opposed to building a wall. They are opposed to securing the border. The leading voices in their party actually want to abolish ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” (VIDEO BELOW.) 

WATCH to hear VP Pence explain the LOOPHOLES in our LAWS.