Lindsey Graham Bursts The Media’s Bubble Over Their Repulsive Behavior Towards Trump

Lindsey Graham (R-SC)  is not impressed with the way the media is handling itself. And he had no problem telling them about it either.

In a twitter storm, Lindsey let loose a couple of cannon balls that tore right through the obvious media bias. (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Lindsey Graham lets a pair of tweets aimed directly at the biased media.

Graham who is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, went off on the media on twitter.

He said, “It’s apparent to me the White House press corps lives in a bubble and the way they are conducting themselves today will do NOTHING to improve their standing with the American people.”

As an everyday American, there is great agreement with his statement. He is referring to the way Jim Acosta treated the President and the microphone intern at a press briefing.


Graham hits to the heart of WHY the press is so angry.

Perhaps, Lindsey hit it home that the press is mad at the Trump administration because the Republican’s keep winning.

Sure the Democrat’s took over the House in the midterms, but that is not as powerful as winning the Senate and future Supreme Court Justices.

Lindsey laid it out and said, “Certain members of the press cannot stand the fact that President and Republicans defied expectations in the midterm elections – actually growing our Senate majority.” BOOM. There it is! (VIDEO AND TWEETS BELOW.) 

WATCH as Jim Acosta karate chops intern’s arm away so he can hog the mic. 

Lindsey’s tweets below: