Rick Scott Unleashes His Strategy To Ensure ‘Unethical Liberals’ Don’t Steal The Vote

The stakes are higher than ever in Florida, as the Secretary of State pressed forward with a statewide recount.

And Rick Scott isn’t taking any chances in letting Democrats try to steal the victory away from him, as seems to be the case.

In summary, tens of thousands of ballots magically turned up in what Matt Gaetz calls “The Banana Republic of Broward County” after they reported totals on election night.

Rick Scott immediately followed a lawsuit after Broward’s Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes performed concerning actions that Scott deemed illegal and signs of potential fraud.

Since then, a South Florida judge sided with Scott and ruled Snipes to hand over transparent information related to the ballots casted in Broward County.

Broward eventually reported their figures, which shrank Scott’s initial lead of over 50,000 votes to around 12,000, triggering a recount. And now, after a wild turn of events Scott is doing all he can to prevent a highjacking of his Senate victory. Scott announced his strategy on Twitter. See Below

In a statement released on Twitter, Scott said,

” I’m proud to announce we have a team of 7500 volunteer recount representatives available in FL. Reps will be deployed all over FL to make sure any potential issues are reported so they can be quickly reviewed and resolved. We won’t allow unethical liberals to steal this election!”

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See Below

Rick Scott’s Official Tweet Regarding His Recount Strategy

With Republicans like Matt Gaetz and Marco Rubio taking Scott’s back in Florida, Democrats will have a tough time trying to steal this critical victory away from Republicans.

We leave you with video of Rick Scott in a recent interview with Fox News regarding chaos in Florida.