Meadows Gives Democrats Their First Challenge In Wake Of Them Winning The House

[Image source: ABC News video screenshots. Swamp Drain compilation].

After winning his congressional seat on November 6th, Mark Meadows (R- NC), had a few things to say about the Democrats taking over the House majority.

Meadows is Chairman of the Freedom Caucus and when you see what he tweeted – you will know why he is the Chairman.

Meadows calls the Democrats who are now the House majority to the carpet.

Meadows is full of political savvy and can switch being in the majority to the minority with ease.

After winning his seat and knowing the new House Majority Leader would be Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) he immediately postured in the most brilliant way.

He took the Democrat’s stance on holding the Trump administration accountable and turned the tables on them!

The North Carolina congressman said, “Democrats say they are serious about holding government accountable. Ok.”

Then he swept the crumbs from under the rug and into the light!

Meadows dropped the SUBPOENA bomb on the Democrats!

He said, “Then let’s subpoena Rod Rosenstein and declassify any documents that will reveal the truth about whether the FBI failed to disclose critical information in the FISA process.”

Oddly, America has not heard one whisper of this on the mainstream media. Gee. We wonder why? Wouldn’t you like to know what is in those FISA documents?

See tweet below: