Tucker Carlson Releases A Statement As Michael Avenatti Threatens A Lawsuit

Michael Avenatti’s high-profile legal games are set to continue after he came across video of a situation involving Tucker Carlson.

On Saturday, Avenatti tweeted a link to a video that shows the aftermath of an incident involving the Fox News host and his family, and he is trying to get to the bottom of it.

Avenatti was recently referred for FBI investigation by Chuck Grassley related to potential false accusations made against Brett Kavanaugh. And now he is attempting to get people to come forward surrounding a bar spat involving Tucker, his daughter, son and an unknown man.

Avenatti wrote, “We are investigating an alleged assault on a gay latino immigrant committed by T. Carlson and/or members of his inner circle at a club in VA in Oct. It likely includes underage drinking in violation of VA law.”

He added, “We are attempting to locate additional witnesses and to identify those depicted in the video. In particular, we need assistance identifying the balding man that grabs the man seated at the bar. We anticipate charges being filed. Anyone with knowledge, pls contact us.” See Below

Michael Avenatti’s Tweets About Tucker With Video

Tucker immediately responded with a statement of his account of exactly what happened on the evening Avenatti is referring to.

Tucker’s statement as transcribed from The Hill:

“On October 13, I had dinner with two of my children and some family friends at the Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia. Toward the end of the meal, my 19-year-old daughter went to the bathroom with a friend. On their way back through the bar, a middle aged man stopped my daughter and asked if she was sitting with Tucker Carlson. My daughter had never seen the man before. She answered: ‘That’s my dad,’ and pointed to me. The man responded, ‘Are you Tucker’s whore?’ He then called her a ‘f*** c***.’ ”

“My daughter returned to the table in tears. She soon left the table and the club. My son, who is also a student, went into the bar to confront the man. I followed. My son asked the man if he’d called his sister a ‘whore’ and a ‘c**t.’ The man admitted he had, and again become profane. My son threw a glass of red wine in the man’s face and told him to leave the bar, which he soon did.”

“Immediately after the incident, I described these events to the management of the Farmington Country Club. The club spent more than three weeks investigating the incident. Last week, they revoked the man’s membership and threw him out of the club.” Continued Below

“I love my children. It took enormous self-control not to beat the man with a chair, which is what I wanted to do. I think any father can understand the overwhelming rage and shock that I felt seeing my teenage daughter attacked by a stranger.”

“But I restrained myself. I did not assault this man, and neither did my son. That is a lie. Nor did I know the man was gay or Latino, not that it would have mattered. What happened on October 13 has nothing to do with identity politics. It was a grotesque violation of decency. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.”

Avenatti responded to Tucker’s statement by basically saying that he is lying about what actually transpired.

However, it’s possible Avenatti has a chip on his shoulder as Tucker often bashes the lawyer.

Tucker coined the nickname “Creepy Porn Lawyer” for Avenatti, which has gotten under his skin. So much that he asked Tucker to not to refer to him as that nickname as a condition for appearing on his show.

Carlson agreed to the condition only to find another way to prank him with multiple captions that said “Creepy Porn Lawyer” in them throughout the interview.

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This latest stunt by Avenatti is likely still the tip of the iceberg to the feuds that will transpire between the pair as days unfold.