Bill O’Reilly Points Out Exactly Where Acosta Went Wrong During His Time With Trump

It’s been a while since we have heard from one of our favorite conservative voices, Bill O’Reilly. He’s back and talking CNN and Jim Acosta.

In a brilliant broadcast (that you don’t want to miss), O’Reilly brings his wisdom and knowledge of the industry to light and told us exactly what’s up with Acosta and his behavior. (VIDEO OF BROADCAST BELOW.)

“CNN is in the business to trash Donald Trump.” – Bill O’Reilly

“The press is corrupt in America. The chieftains…the media bosses who run the journalism enterprises give orders to their people, ‘You do THIS. This is how we are going to report the story,” Bill began with that powerful statement to America.

And with his vast experience he added, “when I first stated 45 years ago – that NEVER happened. Now, it happens all the time.” First, Bill told us that he has interviewed four President’s including Obama and although, he did not agree with Obama – he did respect the Office of the Presidency.

Bill then transitioned to Acosta as the White House correspondent for CNN. He said, “Jim Acosta has NO respect for the Office. He HATES President Trump and all of the people who work for him.”

“Now, he can deny that. But he gets up and immediately starts a debate. Not a question and answer. A debate,” O’Reilly pointed out. (VIDEO OF BROADCAST BELOW.)

Acosta did not report or behave like a journalist.

After rolling the tape of the interaction between President Trump and Jim Acosta, Bill said, “Ok. What Acosta is doing is – he’s debating. He’s not asking.”

Bill then gave an example of how Jim could have asked a question about the southern border invasion. O’Reilly agreed with President Trump that it is a border invasion.

Bill said, “this PINHEAD ACOSTA – what he is doing is SO wrong. And SO against every journalistic rule. He wants to debate and demean Donald Trump – the President of the United States.” BOOM! (VIDEO OF BROADCAST BELOW.)

Watch the video below as Bill O’Reilly comes to America from his own studio.