Pat Sajak Chimes In The FL Recount Chatter With A Comical Hypothetical Scenario

Pat Sajak, is back on twitter and taking the place by storm with his HILARIOUS tweet about the Florida 2018 midterm recount.

Sajak, who is our favorite game show host and best known for the Wheel of Fortune, is also known for supporting the America First agenda. (MORE BELOW.)

The Florida recount is still not completed.

Florida has been embattled in a recount for their State since November 8th. After seven days, the recount vote still has not been completed.

The Democrats lost the Gubernatorial race, and a critical Senate seat. This inflamed the Democrats and they demanded recounts.

Oddly, ballot boxes began to appear – literally – by the truck loads after the election night cut off time.

Brenda Snipes, the election chief for Broward County is now ensnared in alleged voter fraud in her district. Snipes is suggesting she will step down after the recounts. (MORE BELOW.)

Sajak adds humor into the serious situation.

It’s no secret that Broward county has had a ‘counting’ problem since Snipes was taken to trial on other voter charges in the 2012 election. So Sajak, decided to tweet about the next election in her district if she does not step down!

He tweeted, “In order to save time, Florida election officials have announced that the 2020 recount will begin immediately.” BOOM. And he might be right, if America does not stand up and do something about the blatant voter fraud.

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See tweet below: