After MSM Twists His Words, Dershowitz Clarifies What He Meant By ‘Devastating’ Mueller Report

Alan Dershowitz joined Martha McCallum’s Fox News to clear up what he meant when he told ABC the Mueller report would be ‘devastating’ to the President.

In typical fashion, the mainstream media took his words and twisted them. The intent? To make it look like the President is in trouble thereby proving Dershowitz is correct! It is the media that will make the report ‘devastating’ to the President with their biased headliners.  (VIDEO BELOW.) 

The Mueller Probe results will be one-sided and “devastating” from a media driven political perspective.

On Sunday, Alan Dershowitz, Professor Emeritus of Harvard Law School,  joined ABC’s “This Week.” He said the Mueller report would be devastating from a political stand point because the left would use it as a means to make the President look bad in the eyes of the American people

However, the headlines focused on only one part of what Dershowitz said. Most articles in the media said, “the Mueller report will be devastating to the President.”

The media took the one phrase Dershowitz said and ran with it. Not bothering to explain that Dershowitz meant it would be devastating because the media would report it negatively. The Mueller report is politically driven since there is NO criminal indictments in it.

Interestingly, the media proved Dershowitz’s point. Article titles made it sound like the President would be impeached. Here are some of them: (VIDEO BELOW.) 

Media misquoting Deshowitz and ironically, prove his point!

“Alan Dershowitz: Mueller’s final report ‘is going to be devastating’ for Trump,” the Washington Examiner.

“What’s next in the Mueller investigation? “I think the report is going to be devastating to the president,” Harvard Law Professor Emeritus”-Alan Dershowitz,, ABC News. And “Dershowitz: Mueller Report Will Be “Devastating To The President” – Real Clear Politics