President Trump Renews Attacks On Sen. Blumenthal, Calls Him ‘The Dick’

It’s been a tweet-filled Saturday for President Trump, as he has tackled a range of subjects before heading to the annual college football game between Army and Navy.

While watching TV, Trump must have come across a clip of Senator Blumenthal. And although the President didn’t describe in-depth what it was Blumenthal to set him off, Trump did manage to tell America what he really thought about the Senator.

In a two-part, classic tweet series, Trump said, “Watched Da Nang Dick Blumenthal on television spewing facts almost as accurate as his bravery in Vietnam (which he never saw).”

He added, “As the bullets whizzed by Da Nang Dicks head, as he was saving soldiers left and right, he then woke up from his dream screaming that HE LIED. Next time I go to Vietnam I will ask “the Dick” to travel with me!”

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President Trump’s Official Tweets On Senator Richard Blumenthal